Festa da empanada de Bandeira

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Greeting from the President

Foto Presidente

The COVID-19 take us a lot of things, it completely changed our way of living and deleted kisses and hugs, while imposing distances that goes in the opposite direction of our true way of being. This 2 years wew very difficult, a lot of months where we need to to give up part of our social life and say goodbye to deep traditions, like the Festa da Empanada.

We know that this year, our directive assumes a great responsibility, to give a new begin to a celebration that since 1974 conquered the hearts of an entire town and of all the people who visit us. The Empanada is more than a celebration , it is also what defines us as a town and that makes us feel fully proud of our roots. For this reason, all of our effort goes in the direction of promote and take care of an event that deserves to be declared National Tourist Interest, and we will put all of our illusion for us to make it possible , without ever losing the essence that our grandfathers and grandmothers gave to a unique party in Galicia.

We know that the XLVI Festa da Empanada will be one of the editions more expected , and we hope rise to the occasion. what I can assure you, s that the whole family of the association worked and works always and at all times thinking of the best for Bandeira and they gave everything of themselves to organize and carry out celebrations that are sure to they will be unforgettable. The only I can say is that I am extremely proud of all the team that accompanies me in this exciting adventure and of everything what they are getting. I would like to extend my most sincere thanks to the City Council of Silleda, Deputación de Pontevedra and Xunta of Galicia, as well as the neighbors and local businesses of Bandeira and surroundings, thank you for collaborating with us and supporting us in good and bad times.

Without more to say, I wish and hope that you enjoy the celebrations free of everything type of violence and full of love, diversity and tolerance; And I encourage you to toast to the people that is with us and also to those who leave. I have not the slightest doubt, that somewhere, a bagpipe will be playing to the sound of cheers.

Andrés Seoane Pena, President of the Asociación Cultural Amigos da Empanada de Bandeira.