Festa da empanada de Bandeira

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Camion antiguo San Cristovo

The San Cristovo is one of the longest-standing traditions of Bandeira. The crowded procession and blessing of trucks and other vehicles culminates with a great mussels to the rhythm of the music.

The tradition of Xirandola or Fortín da Pomba and different musical groups complete a day that yields tribute to the professionals of the world of transport.


Camion antiguo San Cristovo

A Bandeira demonstrates since 2017, that the carnival can also be celebrated in the middle of July.

Numerous hours of music and activities for all audiences liven up a new festive tradition where There are no restrictions when choosing a costume.


Camion antiguo San Cristovo

The town of Bandeira has always stood out for its cultural and social activity. The Recuncar, is born in the year 2022 with the aim of bringing together all the neighbors for a whole festive day.

Food and drink to your heart's content mix in perfect harmony with a party in the form of karaoke, games traditional, proclamation and music until the wee hours in the heart of the town.