Festa da empanada de Bandeira

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Camion Antiguo na festa


The Festa da Empanada of Bandeira born in 1974, when a group of friends decided to take empanadas to a beautifull oak forest to enjoy a happy evening with music.


The Festa da Empanada went from bring togheter a dozen people, currently bringing togheter around 20,000 people over the five days of celebrations. In 1999, this gastronomic event achieved the declaration of Autonomous Tourist Interest.

Xente na festa
Concurso empaandas


Since 1975, Bandeira choose the tastier empanada of the country between docens of creations presented in each edition. After the verdict of the professional jury, the winner go on to be auctioned among the attending public, arriving to €2,400 for an empanada.


Since 1987, the Empanada received to illustrious speakers such as Camilo José Cela or Alfredo Conde; famous chefs like Pepe Solla; politics like Abel Caballero or Xerardo Fernández Albor; actors and actresses like Luís Zahera, Gloria Ferreiro, Mela Casal, Carlos Blanco or Teté Delgado; businessmen like Miguel Durán; as well as prestigious journalists such as Fernando Ónega, María Rey, Pilar Cernuda or José María Carrascal.

Camilo José Cela en la Fiesta
CEna na carballeira


The great day of the Festa da Empanada, the Pomba oak forest congregates more than 10.000 people eating empanadas and then popular party.