Festa da empanada de Bandeira

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Do you want to become a sponsor of the Festa da Empanada de Bandeira?

Colaborador Xunta de Galicia Colaborador Marca Galicia Colaborador Concello de Silleda Colaborador Deputación de Pontevedra Colaborador Xacobeo Colaborador Espectáculos Seara Colaborador Trasnportes Duro Colaborador Gadis

Do you want to be our sponsor, contact us in empanadabandeira@gmail.com

Here are somo reasons why you may want to collaborate with us:

  • During the celebrations more than 15000 people visit us
  • We have 2 Music Festivals and we organice events all the year so we can adjust us to all type of targets
  • We take care of our SPONSORS in order to protect theis commercial image
  • You help to protect our culture and traditions